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Youth Wellness Court Program

The Youth Wellness Court team would like to welcome eligible youth to the program. We are honored to be part of youth in their healing process. The Youth Wellness Court Program is geared towards helping youth find the balance in their life that works for them. With youth input, we will guide youth through the healing process by helping youth utilize inter-tribal departments and other agencies within the community. We are available to youth throughout their process of  becoming a strong and healthy young individual within the community. We are here to remind youth that they do not have to make their healing journey alone! With youth input, and our guidance, we strive to assist youth to become empowered to overcome any obstacles that may hinder their healing process.



To assist and support tribal youth who are currently involved in the juvenile justice system in order to help them reconnect with family and the Karuk community.



Prevent further alcohol and substance abuse related crimes of Juvenile offenders. 

Program Benefits:

  • Access to tribal teachings, activities, and ceremonies

  • Peer support

  • Court accompaniment 

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