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Tribal Court Services
Self Help Center

The Karuk Tribal Court Self Help Center is available to provide assistance to tribal members and their families with various civil (non-criminal) legal actions. You can get assistance with filling out paperwork for either the Karuk Tribal Court or California Superior Court. The Karuk Tribal Court Self Help Center staff cannot provide legal advice or representation in court. While we can give you general information regarding forms and processes, we cannot provide you with legal advice.

Karuk Family Violence Prevention & Domestic Violence Support Services (KFVP & DVSS)

The Staff can assist eligible Tribal members and enrolled descendants residing within Siskiyou County or within or surrounding the Orleans community. The primary purpose of the KFVP & DVSS is to provide supportive services for victims of domestic violence, teen dating violence, stalking or sexual assault and their dependents.

In an Emergency, please immediately call 911.

Parenting Program

Building strong relationships is an important key to success in all aspects of our lives. The parenting program currently offers the three courses. Fatherhood Is Sacred® Motherhood Is Sacred® are 12 week courses designed to strengthen families through responsible parenting.

Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships is a 14 week course designed to promote and build upon the position that parents are responsible in leading the way towards solutions that ultimately strengthen the family and community and move our people forward.

Addressing Family Violence and Abuse is a 14 week course designed to promote the safety and welfare of all family members 

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